Everyday Essential American Sign Language(L1)

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Everyday Essential American Sign Language (L1)

This course will introduce you via video to the sign alphabet, names, animals, numbers, places and much, much more! From ordering in a restaurant to getting around, this course is the go-to guide to help you get communicating in American sign language.

Using useful video demonstrations, this course will provide you with the necessary grounding to become a confident sign communicator, and may even make you more attractive as a candidate in your career.

With purchase, you receive 12 months’ access to the course.

Meet your presenter!

Judy Vardon

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Judy Vardon

Judy Vardon

Deaf presenter Judy Vardon has been Deaf since the age of two. She became famous in the Deaf community when she and her family appeared on America’s Extreme Home Makeover show in 2004. She graduated from Lahser High School and is the mother of two sons. She lives with her family in Oak Park, Michigan.

Choose the right course for YOU

Sonia Hollis

If you are a beginner 

We recommend starting with the Everyday Essential British Sign Language (L1) which will hold you by the hand and take you through step by step so you can build up your confidence and conversational skills in BSL. 

Once you have these foundations in place then we recommend to add on BSL Storytelling of Real Life Situations (L1).  This will extend your knowledge about more grammatical elements of BSL, using our 4 part picture sequence stories as a prompt.  

Our BUNDLE packages have been proving popular where you can Save £’s CLICK HERE  

If you already know BSL

If you already have a foundation in BSL and can hold a conversation quite easily then we would recommend starting with both the Everyday Essential British Sign Language (L2) and also BSL Storytelling of Real Life Situations (L1 & L2) 

Interested in American Sign Language? 

American Sign Language has it’s own grammatical structure and is different to British Sign Language. We often have students wishing to learn both.  The package for you here would be our Everyday Essential American Sign Language (L1) 

Introduction and How to Complete the Course

Sonia Hollis


My name is Sonia Hollis and I’m a qualified Sign Language interpreter. Learn Sign Language Ltd was set up due to the huge demand for people wanting to learn sign language online. 


Throughout the course there will be multiple choice questions to answer which tests your sign language receptive skills.


The course content is designed to be taken at your own pace, where you have 12 months access in order to complete it. However, as a guide, the content is designed similarly to a class based environment where you are taught 2 hours per week. This allows for pausing of videos and practising in between.


You will need to watch each whole video before you are able to mark it as complete, which then allows you to move onto the next video.  There is a prompt button to guide you through and show when you can click on “complete lesson”.


If you have any questions, you are able to contact Sonia directly on

Sonia Hollis

Sonia Hollis

Sonia Hollis is a hearing British Sign Language Interpreter based in Northamptonshire.

She works freelance as an interpreter for various sign language agencies covering various settings such as medical, education, social services and community interpreting.

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