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Learn British Sign Language with our 4 BSL DVD set

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Learn British Sign Language BSL DVD Bundle Pack

4 DVD Bundle Pack




Introduction to British Sign Language

Learn BSL The EASY Way! DVD

Level 1 BSL DVD

Level 2 BSL DVD

Introduction to BSL DVD

This DVD is a small introduction to BSL as a stepping stone to our full British Sign Language Level 1 DVD and will help you extend your basic sign language knowledge as a hobby or as a supplement to your classroom learning.

There are sections with and without text to help you with your learning and to develop your receptive and productive skills in BSL

Learn BSL The EASY Way! DVD

This is our first DVD which covers the same topics and vocabulary needed for the Level 1 BSL curriculum. This will help you to learn sign language as a hobby or as a supplement to your classroom learning.


There is no voice over and the videos are played without subtitles then with subtitles to check your understanding.

Introductions, greetings and family members

Using numbers, calendar and time
Weather, transport and directions
At home, rooms and objects
Animals, hobbies, work and food
Bonus 1 – Fingerspelling practice with over 90 names
Bonus 2 – 6 major handshapes in BSL covering 400 signs

Total run time of video 146 mins

Level 1 BSL DVD

This DVD is an ideal beginners DVD to get you started learning BSL as a hobby or as a supplement to your classroom learning.


All topics covered are the same content that you would learn in your 1st year at college

+ Topic A: Meeting People, At Home, People and Animals,
+ Topic B: Using numbers for Age, Time, Money and Calendar,
+ Topic C: Weather,
+ Topic D: Transport,
+ Topic E Directions,
+ Topic F: Hobbies/Activities and Occupations
+ Topic G: Refreshments.

There are sections with and without text to help you with your learning. Develop your receptive and productive skills in BSL.


Vocabulary sections, short phrases and stories. Taking you through the beginning and then ready to move onto our Level 2 DVD on completion.

Level 2 BSL DVD

British Sign Language Level 2 is split into sections that covers the same topics needed for Level 2 in British Sign Language.


There are sections teaching you the vocabulary, question and answers, and phrases and story receptive skills practise.


Level 2 is a DVD9 (NTSC covering all regions) and runs for a total of 130 minutes.


It has the main 4 topics covered through the Level 2 curriculum along with an added section dedicated purely for Level 2 Topic Vocabulary enabling you to refresh your memory whilst building up your conversational skills.

Topic 1: About you and Everyday Conversations introductory phrases, describing people, activities at school, jobs & activities at work, attitudes and opinions, time vocabulary, activities in the home, leisure activities, opinion/likes and dislikes, and illnesses and health

Topic 2: Eating and Drinking contains story practise and Question & Answer sections for ordering food and drink, and offering opinions, describing preparation of food, eating out, and comparing food types and explaining your views

Topic 3: Shopping and Spending contains story practise/Question and answer sections on paying for services, different types of shops and payments, shopping experiences, and comparing items that you have bought.

Topic 4: Travel and Holidays contains both stories and question and answers about countries, places in England, booking a holiday and a camping experience

Topic 1: About You and Everyday Conversations – Vocabulary

Topic 2: Eating and Drinking – Vocabulary

Topic 3: Shopping and Spending – Vocabulary

Topic 4: Travel and Holidays – Vocabulary

The Learn Sign Language Level 2 DVD also includes our unique downloadable workbook covering in detail Negation in BSL, grammar rules, indicating plurality, question structure, marking time, and quality in BSL

£39.99 inc of postage

Meet your presenter!

Sonia Hollis

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Sonia Hollis

Sonia Hollis

Sonia Hollis is a hearing British Sign Language Interpreter based in Northamptonshire.

She works freelance as an interpreter for various sign language agencies covering various settings such as medical, education, social services and community interpreting.

Choose the right course for YOU

Sonia Hollis

If you are a beginner 

We recommend starting with the Everyday Essential British Sign Language (L1) which will hold you by the hand and take you through step by step so you can build up your confidence and conversational skills in BSL. 

Once you have these foundations in place then we recommend to add on BSL Storytelling of Real Life Situations (L1).  This will extend your knowledge about more grammatical elements of BSL, using our 4 part picture sequence stories as a prompt.  

Our BUNDLE packages have been proving popular where you can Save £’s CLICK HERE  

If you already know BSL

If you already have a foundation in BSL and can hold a conversation quite easily then we would recommend starting with both the Everyday Essential British Sign Language (L2) and also BSL Storytelling of Real Life Situations (L1 & L2) 

Interested in American Sign Language? 

American Sign Language has it’s own grammatical structure and is different to British Sign Language. We often have students wishing to learn both.  The package for you here would be our Everyday Essential American Sign Language (L1) 

Introduction and How to Complete the Course

Sonia Hollis


My name is Sonia Hollis and I’m a qualified Sign Language interpreter. Learn Sign Language Ltd was set up due to the huge demand for people wanting to learn sign language online. 


Throughout the course there will be multiple choice questions to answer which tests your sign language receptive skills.


The course content is designed to be taken at your own pace, where you have 12 months access in order to complete it. However, as a guide, the content is designed similarly to a class based environment where you are taught 2 hours per week. This allows for pausing of videos and practising in between.


You will need to watch each whole video before you are able to mark it as complete, which then allows you to move onto the next video.  There is a prompt button to guide you through and show when you can click on “complete lesson”.


If you have any questions, you are able to contact Sonia directly on

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